For my whole life I have loved photography. As a small child I loved posing for pictures, then as I grew up I began to prefer being behind the camera! I took pictures for the yearbook in high school, and then in college I bought my first SLR so I could take more pictures for my college yearbook and get paid per picture that was printed. That was my first photography "job". After under-grad I worked full time before going on to graduate school, and one day I took a roll of film into work. The pictures were of trees and flowers, no people. They were really pretty trees and flowers, which prompted one of my co-workers to ask me to shoot her wedding! The wedding was a year away, so I thought she would change her mind and get a "real" photographer, but I said "sure". Well, a few months later after I had started grad school she called and asked if I would still do it. I agreed, and the rest is history!

I still remember how that first day back in 2006 I was a total nervous wreck. Once I got to the hair salon to start shooting, I was cool as a cucumber. It felt like I was just meant to be a photographer; I loved it!! After a year of shooting for friends and a few referrals from friends, I started Creative Visions Photography in 2007. Don't tell any of my grad school professors, but my friend and I brainstormed the name during a lecture! I did get my Master of Science in Occupational Therapy despite my lack of interest in that particular lecture! I absolutely love working with kids as an OT, but my photography is my passion. When I am taking pictures I feel like all the craziness of my life just stops and I get to focus on the beauty of the moment that I am capturing. I am constantly amazed by the freedom and joy that I feel whenever I take pictures, or when I am looking back through pictures I have taken. Every time someone chooses me to be their photographer, I feel truly blessed to be entrusted with the honor of sharing in their lives.

In 2017, I am proud to say that I earned two different awards in print competition at the Professional Photographers of the Ozarks Print Competition: First Place Wedding Category and First Time Entry Award. Also in 2017, I became a Certified Professional Photographer! Check out my blog to learn more about that!  

When I'm not taking pictures or working as an Occupational Therapist, I love to run, hang out with my husband or with friends, and drink wine! Every year my husband and I visit California wine country, and it has become our home away from home! The first two photos I've included were taken in California. The first was the reflection in the door of the house where we have stayed for several trips and the other is from my wedding day, taken by the amazing Rebecca of Rebecca Gosselin Photography. (I don't usually wear a tiara to a session!) :)  The final picture is much more like my everyday for a session, with my camera! That was taken by my amazing friend Alisha McKellar of Alisha McKellar Portrait Design.

That's me, Kim Lorenz and my company in a nutshell. I welcome any questions that you have and hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy capturing images!!