Please Help me find this Couple!!
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Sunday, July 23, 2017
By Creative Visions Photography
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This blog has been on my brain for a while now…when I was taking photos of the little cutie in this photo at Tower Grove Park on May 13th, her mom looked up and saw this beautiful couple getting engaged!!! I felt a bit awkward about turning my “paparazzi” lens on them and taking pictures of this special moment, but it was just so perfect that I had to capture it! Afterward, I did go over and gave them my card and told them to contact me and I would send them the images. Since I haven’t heard from them, I want to try to harness the power of the internet to help me reach them. The pure love and joy on their faces takes my breath away, and I very much want to find them to give them these images!!! I know that I truly treasure the photos I have of my own engagement, so I want to share the ones that I captured of this couple. I know that St. Louis is not a small town, but Facebook and the internet make it a small world! So, I would love if you would help me to find this couple!! I’m praying that we will find them and that they will be able to treasure these images and relive that special moment for the rest of their lives!

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